Average Window Cleaning Cost

The average cost to hire a window cleaner is $151 to $366 with most homeowners spending $258 for a full house cleaning. Window cleaning prices range from $10 to $15 per window, or $4 to $8 per pane, with third and fourth-floor ladder work adding $3 to $5 per window


Type Average Cost
Call-out Charge $45 – $85
Per Window $10 – $15
Per Window (3rd or 4th Story) $13 – $20
Per Pane $4 – $8
Per Pane (3rd or 4th Story) $6 – $12
Screen Cleaning $0.50 $5 per screen
Flat Rate Per Hour $45 – $70


Residential Window Cleaning Prices By Home Size

Square feet Number of Windows Average Cost
1000 10 $185
1500 15 $245
2400 24 $353
3200 32 $449
4200 42 $569

Window Cleaning Rates Per Window

Average window cleaning rates are $10 to $15 per window with two panes depending on the size. For windows on the third or fourth floor, it costs an extra $3 to $5 per window, or about a 50% increase with every floor. This accounts for the use of a ladder or scissor lift to reach windows.

Interior Window Cleaning Prices

If you want your interior windows cleaned only, then expect to pay between $90 and $190. Keep in mind, the larger the home, the higher the price. A 1,600-square foot home would cost about $150 for interior window cleaning. Most companies will walk through your home and give you a free estimate before you schedule.

Window Cleaning Costs Per Hour

A window cleaner typically charges between $40 and $75 per hour. Even if you find a cleaner who charges per pane, the math works out to be about the same, unless it’s a large home. Most charge per pane because it works out better for the company, and the client doesn’t get over or undercharged.

Window Washing Prices Per Pane

The cost of window cleaning ranges from $4 to $12 per pane with most homeowner spending between $4 and $8. For hard to reach windows on the 3rd or 4th floor, add $1.50 to $2.50 per pane. Companies price their services per pane instead of a flat rate because it’s fairer for the customer.

Double-Hung Window – A window that usually consists of two panes of glass is a double-hung window. Technically, that’s two windows, and some companies may charge as if it’s two windows while others would consider it one window with two sections—the reason being it’s four surfaces to clean inside and out, which equals four panes. Make sure to ask the company of your choice if they charge per pane and what they consider a pane.

A Sunburst Window – A picture window is just one pane, but a sunburst window could have four sections in the upper half and four sections in the lower half of a double-hung style, and then another 4 or 5 sections in the semicircle portion at the top. This results in 12 to 13 different sections which need to be cleaned. With the picture window, the glass can be washed in a sweeping motion from left to right or up and down, but with more panes, each one has to be cleaned individually, which takes longer and costs more.

Skylights – can also be cleaned and typically cost $27 apiece.

Garage Doors – The panes on garage doors are $1 each.

Storm Windows – that have 3- to 4-pane combos are $30 per combo and are generally extra for more than four panes.

How To Price Window Cleaning

Count the windows or panes on your house.

Each type of window will have a different price, and your pro should have a price list ready for you. Complex or larger windows, such as a bay window, cost more than smaller windows.

For glass doors, each door will count as one piece. Most companies will give you a free estimate.

Average in the cost in the range of $10 to $15 per window, as well as the callout fee of between $45 and $85.

Calculate your total price.

Estimating By Type of Window

The most common type of window is the sliding double-pane windows, otherwise called a double-hung window, and costs $4 per pane of glass to clean. Some windows with many sections separated by trim will be more expensive than a similar-sized window that has no trim. Any sectional trim will make cleaning more difficult, therefore more costly.


Window Type Average Cost
Sliding Windows $4 per pane
Casement Windows $8 per pane
Sunbursts $7 each small piece, $15 each large piece
Decorative Window $5 per pane
Individual Glass Panels $6 per pane
Jalousie/Louvers Windows $2 per pane
Large Single-Pane Picture Windows $12 if larger than 5×6

Large Tri-Fold Picture Windows $10 each if 1 pane over another, $28 each bay setSliding Doors$7 apiece

New Construction Rates

To clean the exterior will be at least $4 per pane. For interior window cleaning, the minimum will be $5 per pane. To wipe putty, paint, or plaster off a window will be $7. For other types of windows, most companies will add $2 to $5 to their regular prices. Window cleaning for a newly constructed home runs higher than the prices mentioned above. To clean up construction debris and dust takes extra time.

Extra Window Cleaning Costs

Dangerous heights and difficult access can add extra charges to the cost of cleaning each window.


If you live in a multi-story home, then expect to pay more for window washing done above the first level. You may be charged by the hour instead of by the pane, because of the time it takes to access second-story and above windows.

Screen Cleaning

Typically, screens are charged $0.50 to $5 to clean or an average of $4.95 extra per screen. In hotter climates like the Arizona desert, some homes have solar screens, and those require special cleaning methods, which take longer to do. Those will be charged around $10 per screen. Most companies will not clean the screens if you prefer them left alone.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors get priced per pane or door at $2.50 to $8. This type of door is meant to let a lot of light in, and having it cleaned will allow even more in. You’d be surprised at how much light is blocked by a little bit of dust and finger smudges.

French Doors

French doors are $6 for half doors and $12 for a full door.

Sills and Tracks

Cleaning sills and tracks are included in most cleaning prices, but if they’re not, it will cost $0.05 to $5. This amount varies depending on access and how difficult they are to clean. If the sills and tracks are from older windows or made of wood, it will cost more, as they need special care.

Paint or Stain Removal

Paint and stain removal will cost the same as the cleaning costs for that sized window. If it is just a single pane out of a larger sectional window, then it will be the price of that pane. If a large window or glass door has paint on an edge, then it will be the full price of cleaning the window or door.

Removing Mineral Deposits

Removing mineral deposits costs anywhere from $10 to $30, depending on the size of the window and seriousness of the stain. Hardwater stain removal is one of these services. Hardwater chemicals will be used, so be careful about ventilation and surrounding plants.


Any dusting that needs to be done before wiping a window down will be an extra $1 to $2. Cleaning the glass with a solvent will be another price.

Commercial Window Cleaning Prices

The average commercial window cleaning prices are $0.50 to $2.50 per square foot, for storefront or building windows. Pricing depends on the square feet and the frequency of cleanings per week. Most companies will want you to go on a monthly cleaning plan so the grime level never gets out of control on a large building. Check out our commercial window cleaning price guide below:


Commercial Window Cleaning Price Per Square Foot

Square Feet Frequency Per Week (Billed Monthly)
SF 1 2 3 4 5
Under 1,000 SF $150 – $250 $200 – $400 $300 – $500 $500 – $600 $550 – $650
1,000 to 4,999 SF $250 – $450 $300 – $800 $500 – $1,100 $600 – $1,300 $650 – $1,600
5,000 to 9,999 SF $350 – $550 $500 – $900 $600 – $1,500 $650 – $1,600 $700 – $2,000
10,000+ SF $500+ $700+ $1,000+ $1,200+ $1,400+